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Moonlust (Box Set)
Changeling Press

Sometimes Moonlust strikes where you least expect it. Even a true mate can need a little convincing.

Mating Moon: Leigh Kendale never wanted a tame wolf. Hudson Bast is anything but tame. Hudson lives on the edge, working a dangerous job that requires life and death decisions. Only true love can survive the forces that tear them apart.

Claiming Moon: Agent Jackson Graham been secretly in love with Grace for years, but this she-wolf is destined to mate with his cousin, York, but Grace has other plans. When Jackson and Grace's paths cross again, he's the buyer and she's the contraband.

Moonlust: The moment Agent Ry Graham lays eyes on the Megan Andrews, he's hit with Moonlust. She's human and she's in trouble. It's his duty to turn her over to the local cops, but Ry can't walk away.

Moon Struck: The moon is full, Pierce is sexy-as-sin and Agent Rilee Winter's lycan blood is running high. She's a cop. He's a victim. She's a werewolf. He's human. It's hot. He's moonstruck. It's complicated.

Publisher's Note: The novellas Mating Moon, Claiming Moon, Moonlust, and Moon Struck have been previously published as single titles.

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